Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Been a Looooooooooooong Time

I haven't done ANYTHING in terms of potty training Mini Me in a very long time. Well, I don't think you can count the 3 or 4 minor, feeble attempts that ended within 3 hours. 
The last few days, I did start telling Mini Me she was a 'ba-by', not a 'big girl'. I told her she was a baby because she wears diapers and if she were a big girl, she would wear underwear. Yes, I am appealing to her sense of self. Not sure that is endorsed in the potty training books, but it worked for Motor Mouth.  

MotorMouth was capable of being fully potty trained, but he was lazy and wanted to be babied. Then, Kai Kai stayed with us for 3 - 4 days. I told Motor Mouth: "Kai Kai is a BIG BOY! Kai Kai goes pee pee on the potty like a BIG BOY." It worked!! We never looked back!

Yesterday, I got a phone call from Bee Momma whose daughter, JuJu Girl, has a weekly play date with Mini Me. Bee Momma was so impressed with Mini Me. She said Mini Me had gone pee pee on the potty twice when she was over at their home. That Mini Me seems to LOVE the bathroom and potty training must be going so well for us. Hahahahaha. Ah. Hahahhahahah. 
This morning, motivated by Bee Momma's confidence in Mini Me's abilities, I had Mini Me go pee on the potty. Daddy asked if she could wear her big girl underwear. I said okay. Then we told Mini Me that she was NOT to pee on Dora. To go pee in the potty and not to get Dora wet. 

I just asked Mini Me if she had to go pee. She said she did, and went in the potty. 2 hours and counting and her underwear is DRY!!


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

That is a true cause for celebration. "Don't pee on Dora" - too funny!!!

Ace said...

Wow! just this morning I was trying to ask, well beg, my little one to go. I haven't been pushing her too hard since I read that can make them take longer to do it. But yes, the "don't pee on Dora" motivation I have not heard yet, but that might actually work! Hope Mini Me keeps it up.

Widney Woman said...

Okay. Y'all need to check out my OTHER blog: Adventures in Potty Training. You can access it from my profile. Ummm...That will tell you the REST of the story this morning.

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

Woot! Way to go Mini-Me (uh...I mean Mini-Mony!!) ;-)

We found that worked for pee, too. Just get 'em out of the diapers and into the big girl underwear and, all of a sudden, they can do it. Amazing.

Hopefully she won't be a "poop holder", though...that's where she doesn't want to go poop, ever, and so...eventually...just little bits of poop keep "leaking" out into her that you are going through 6, 8, 10, pairs of stinky, stinky, Dora underwear a day!!! Arrrggghhhh!!!!

Oh. Sorry. Um. Hopefully that won't happen to you. ;-)

Shan said...

I only wish Maya would show any interest in toilet training. She does at the sitter's, but here at home she'll stand right beside the toilet and pee on Dora.

Widney Woman said...

NAMK - Thanks for the warning. I think I need more underwear. We only have 6 right now. It seemed like a lot at the time.

Shan - Motor Mouth did great at the sitter's, too. I used to feel like he was doing a passive aggressive deal with me at home. I felt like a potty training failure, as we weren't able to fully potty train the dogs either. Got a lot riding on Mini Me - there MUST be success on this one.

Anonymous said...

What's the story behind that picture?

Widney Woman said...

Mini Me was eating a cupcake that had Chicago Cubs decorations on it. She started crying, as is her way. That girl cries at least 2 hrs/day. For no reason. I wanted proof of her ridiculous crying, so I snapped the pic.