Thursday, September 11, 2008

Family Fun Night - 5 times in 2 hours

Yesterday, when we got home from mom's group and school, I was beat!! The kids and I laid down for a nap. Only I got 5 phone calls in 2 hours! Normally, not a problem, but I was napping 'cause I was exhausted.  I was going to do one of my usual family theme nights. 
I had it all planned. 

J worked until 8 pm last night. In the end, I didn't have the energy or desire to go all out. The kids and I picked J up from work and drove to the BIG McDonald's in downtown Chicago where we had dessert.

J told me to take a picture, seeing as it was the first time we've done anything remotely fun as a family in awhile 
(see Adventures in the ER). Alas, I was too tired.

Oh, and those 5 phone calls? 4 of them were for 

NOW, if you want to see someone who did go all out, check out the inventor of themed Family Nights, Whittaker Woman!!

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Anonymous said...

I love that he was thinking of pictures for your blog. Girl you need to look (well i know you will) but look at my blog tomorrow. Family nights are always GREAT FUN! Ha.