Friday, September 12, 2008

My Kids Are NOT Lucky to Have Me As Their Mom

Adoption Myth #1
The adopted child is lucky to have a loving home.

ANYONE is lucky/blessed/fortunate to have a loving home. 

WE are the lucky/blessed/fortunate ones to have children. WE are the selfish ones that had this desire to be parents that we wanted fulfilled. Our avenue was adoption. We are NOT noble people doing the Lord's work. We are NOT amazing and wonderful for taking in some less fortunate child. 
Bottom Line: We wanted kids. We got 'em.

I don't see how me fulfilling my selfish desire should be considered luck for my adopted children. I'm the lucky one. I get to be a mom. I get to have someone cry when I leave the room. I get to have someone light up when I walk back into said room. I get to have someone to write blogs about. I get to be told how beautiful my children are and how much they look like us - and then I get to say 'thanks', as if I am the reason for their beauty. If I play my cards right, I get to have someone to wipe my butt when I am too old to do so myself. 
I am the selfish one. I am the lucky one. 


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Gorgeous post, Simone.

Kevin Pauls said...

you are right!! very few things in life are done without a selfish motive...soem are noble things and some are not so noble. SO - if we are to be selfish, let's be selfish with a noble action!!

I love to hear your honesty - it is raw and real and YOU!!

Felicity said...

Well said! Sometimes I think I know where you are going with something and you take it in the opposite direction. I like that.

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

I still think they are lucky to have you {ducks}. I mean, you are a pretty cool mom. But, you are right, we *are* the ~really~ lucky ones.

This morning Jamie, who is only three, was telling me how much she loved me and was going to miss me today (despite the fact that she was getting ready for school...which, as you know, she is SUPER excited about) then she stood in the window waving good-bye and yelling "I love you" some more out the window. So adorable.

You just can't beat that.