Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mea Ikea

J's 'big sis', The Road Less Chosen asked to see pictures of our 
purchases on our trip to Ikea, Friday 
We love you, Road Less Chosen! This one's for you!
3 more decanters for the pantry
I think I need just a couple more...!
The Swedish meatballs at lunch were so yummy, 
we purchased some for home. Sauce too!
New kids' plates, bowls, cups
I was only going to get 1 set, but J said we
should get 2 sets for when Big Blue & Bear are over
Tonight proved J correct!! Glad we got 2 sets
See the white dishes on the 2nd shelf from top?
15+ years!! Ikea dish set from my single days
Bought a cord J thought he needed to hang lampshades
FYI...Dust accrues when new Ikea lampshades 
sit in the corner of your bedroom for 3 months
And you forget you already have 2 cords...
I'm just sayin'
Curtains for the kitchen windows!!
Think they'll be hung before Thanksgiving?
An Ikea bag - great for lugging groceries
This is to replace my 2 bags J took to work
and are now AWOL
A box to store Motor Mouth's Phonics for homeschool
But I changed my mind - It's a sewing kit now! 
2 of the floral boxes (bottom right)

1 comment:

Lori said...

Thanks! My favorites are the decanters and the floral boxes. For me just buying organizational things makes me feel organized, whether I use them or not! :)