Saturday, September 13, 2008

Homeschool - Week 2

Chantico Prep - Week 2
Motor Mouth breezed through this week. He did have 2 areas we needed to work on. As he mastered one of the areas, I put stickers on his face for each correct answer. By the time we were done, his face, hands, and pencil box were covered!

High Point
I am finding ways in our everyday life to incorporate Motor Mouth's lessons. And I am more active in seeking out learning experiences. For example: Motor Mouth found a ladybug in our vehicle. I was able to teach the kids what ladybugs eat and how to tell if it is a male or female. The kids watched as J released the ladybug onto a plant. The next day is when I put the ladybug stickers on Motor Mouth's face.

Low Point
I had such a good time alone with Mini Me while Motor Mouth was at his onsite class. It made me a bit wistful for that one-on-one time with Motor Mouth I had looked forward to having when Motor Mouth went to a traditional school. Oh well, next year!
One of the reasons I am homeschooling Motor Mouth, is to figure out what his strengths are and to find the schools that will give Motor Mouth the best educational experience next year. I need to figure this out in the next 60 days so I can get the school applications in on time. Motor Mouth picks things up so quickly. I might need some professional assistance to test him or to figure out where his true strengths are.

Bottom Line
I'm loving it. Motor Mouth is loving it. 
This really was the right thing for us.

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Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Northwestern has had a long history working with talented kids. They will definitely have people who can test Jazz (should you want to go that route) and they may also have good suggestions for schools, too.

There's an online group called TAGMAX (just google it) that might be useful, too. I think it has several members in the Chicago area, and it's for homeschooled families with students who are gifted and/or talented.