Thursday, September 18, 2008

Setting the Record Straight

This is Motor Mouth. 

Yes, his hair is cool. Yes, my hair was dyed while Motor Mouth was in the womb. But that has nothing to do with why his hair is dyed on top. He was not born that way. He was born bald. His father colors the front/top of his hair. And has since he was about 3 years old. No, it will not make him lose his hair. In fact, the boy's hair is getting thicker by the minute. 

Why does his hair stick up in front? Well, we put gel in it. And no, it will not affect his brain cells. News flash, his brain is covered by a pretty hard shell called a skull. Gel is topical and won't penetrate through bone.

Anything else I can clear up for ya, just ask.


Lori said...

Has someone been commenting on Jazz's hair?

Widney Woman said...

Jazz got a hair cut yesterday. It is really short. I was thinking about all of the comments that have been made about his hair for years. I didn't even go into the ones from when we were growing it out, to see a. if it was actually curly when long, and b. how long we could let it grow.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Jazz looks absolutely charming, just like Paris!

FaithChick said...

Simone did you have a PMS day yesterday? All of your blogs seem a little bit angry. Just a little.

Widney Woman said...

No, not PMSing. Well, not pre at any rate. Maybe post.

I was just laughing to myself about all the silly things people say about Jazz and his hair. I'm home alone all day with little people who don't always appreciate my sense of humor, so I blogged my memories.

Like the lady who asked if I had dyed my hair when I was pregnant with him. She is pregnant and thought her child would come out with dyed hair if she dyed her hair while pregnant. If that is not one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. I am still thinking about it because the logic (or lack thereof) just baffles me.

Just thinking out loud in a blog. Not pissed or anything. Maybe a little wistful because the blonde has now been cut out of Jazz' hair. Hmmm...Red is his new fav color. Maybe a red streak?