Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mother of All Storms

Photo snapped by J tonight from our living room window.

Tonight, we have had/are having the mother of all rain storms. It came down so hard, all the lights in downtown Chicago were invisible due to the rain - we only live 2 miles from the Sears Tower. There were tornado warnings in downtown Chicago and the power has flickered a few times.

J was snapping pics of the loft for Whittaker Woman (my blog idol - she ranks higher than Oprah for me). It was then J noticed the kitchen floor was wet. Yikes!! We ran around looking for leaks. 5 total. Did I mention we had planned to leave for T-Town at 5 am and we have houseswap guests coming from England tomorrow afternoon? 

Umm...In answer to your question...Yes, like in the movie. No, we have never met. We were supposed to go to England to stay at their place in downtown London and then go to Paris. However, J's grandmother has cancer. I told J England and France will always be there, but we may not always have Grandma Grandma. 

So, I think it was probably a good thing this happened tonight, so we can take care of it and not be 10 hours away, trying to get things sorted out for our British guests. I don't think we are leaving at 5 am like I wanted to. Or 6 am like J wanted to. I have to go to sleep now and try not to think horrible thoughts, like the roof caving in on my children or on us. 


Shan said...

Wow that is an incredible picture. That sucks about the leak though. I hope you get it all sorted out. Have a great visit with J's grandma. I agree Paris will always be there.

Justice Jones said...

What a beautiful picture but scary storm! We have those in Florida. I hope you got it all sorted out before your house guests came.

So sorry to hear about J's Grandmother. I hope you guys have a great visit.