Thursday, July 3, 2008

Adventures of the 3 M's - Lost Edition!!

Mommy left the house this morning without her:
wedding band
camera (camera case on the left)

Normally, not a problem. Only Mommy got LOST AGAIN this morning.

The 3 M's dropped Daddy off at work. Then they went to Costco. Only it was closed. For another 2 hours!

The 3 M's went off in search of a Target. Surely, Target would be open. Maybe it was. Mommy wouldn't know - she got LOST!! Even Motor Mouth knew they were lost. He said: "Why do we keep drying around and around this same place?" Mommy was able to keep her cool and laugh that one off.

Mommy lost her cool 20 minutes later when she was burning $4.63/gallon gas and couldn't find Target. Couldn't find a pay phone. Couldn't find someone who looked like they would know where Target was. Mommy couldn't even find a playground to kill 90 minutes of time. Mini-Me was repeating some incoherent babble that set Mommy's nerve just over that ever so precarious edge. That time, Mommy yelled: "I'm lost! I forgot my phone. I just need for you two to BE QUIET!!" Not even a 'Please'. 

Finally, a SAVIOR!! Salvation came in the nice lady at the Mobil gas station who was kind enough to tell Mommy there is a Target on Elston and Fullerton. Well, in reality Mommy realized that wasn't exactly where it is, but it was enough to get her in the right direction. 

And, as a bonus, on the way back to Costco 45 minutes later, Mommy found a Sally's Beauty Supply where Daddy said she could find clipper oil. Tonight, Daddy can cut Motor Mouth's hair, before Mommy takes a scissors to it...

When the 3 M's returned home, Mommy found her gear just where she had left them last night - neatly arranged on the coffee table!!

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