Sunday, July 13, 2008

Adventures of the 3 M's - 07/09/08

In this week's installment, the 3 M's walked from Midas to Mom's Group. Daddy thought Mommy was insane for walking that far. However, MotorMouth had his 'take me walking' shoes on, Mommy was in her 'come walk with me' Converse, and Mini Me, well, Mini Me was in her new stroller!!!!

Why such a change from our usual route? Well, for one, I think y'all were getting bored. I know I was!! And, the vehicle needed an oil change, and one of the tires got a screw stuck in it, and the a/c needed to be topped up or fixed or something.  

Why Midas? It was all I could find. And it was close. And Midas is a trusted name. And it was an Adventure of the 3 M's - Midas begins with an 'M'. 

It was an adventure finding the entrance to the Midas shop. I drove around twice. Surely, it wasn't that skinny little half an alleyway! Surely, it was. Okay. I took a deep breath and squeezed my shoulders together, to help the vehicle fit down this long, narrow alleyway that had cars parked on the right! 

MotorMouth was ecstatic about the walk. We walked over the Metra and Amtrack train yards. So many tracks, so many trains!! We waved at the people on an Amtrak train, and they waved back!! 

MotorMouth climbed up on the columns with the cool sculptures on the bridge. He had to pet the dinosaurs! MiniMe didn't notice what MotorMouth was doing, so Mommy didn't have to take her out and lift her up. We did all this twice - on the way to Mom's Group, and back.

I dropped the vehicle off at 9 am. Got to Mom's group on time, at 9:30 am. See, Daddy, it wasn't that long of a walk! Mom's group ended at Noon. The vehicle was ready at 3:00 pm! The 3 M's roamed Target for 2 1/2 hours. We made friends with a cashier: Diane. MotorMouth was a trouper. Mini Me fell asleep on the way back to Midas. Mommy almost had a heart attack when she got the bill. Oh well, a/c is important, isn't it??

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