Friday, June 13, 2008

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time to buy curtains!!

Mistake #1
I didn't go to bed Tuesday night until about 4:00 am Wednesday morning. And when I did go to bed, it took another 45 minutes to fall asleep.
Mistake #2
When I crawled into bed, I didn't bother taking off my t-shirt.
Mistake #3
Wednesday morning, I decided I HAD to wear THAT t-shirt.
Mistake #4
So, I whipped it off, grabbed some dark clothes and headed to the washer.
And then it happened...
There I was, walking towards my washer, as the guy who lives 2 lofts down, walks past - STARING STRAIGHT at me!! I had on pyjamas pants, and was holding my laundry. I looked down to see one of my girls exposed.

OMG!!!! I prayed that the whole: "can't see indoors during the day" thing was for real.

I made J go outside, stand in the SAME spot, and take a picture of me to see how much you can see in. Can you see me? Can you? Tell me the truth. Can you? I'm to the left of the picture on the wall. Can you see me?


Norma-ann at The Mommy Project. said...


So funny!!

Well, if it makes you feel any better...I cannot see you in this pic. AT ALL.

But, not to make you feel worse or anything...I can see the shopping cart, the picture on the wall, your counter, your chairs, lights, roosters...all clear as a bell.;-) So, it may be a matter of angle.

Ahhhh well...
you probably made someone's day.


faithchick1980 said...

I can see you!!! Why did you have to take your shirt off again? For dramatic effect? Just kidding. THis would happen to you. Thats funny.