Friday, June 13, 2008

First Dinner Guests!!

We had dinner guests for the very first time in our new home!!!!
Hippie Boy works with J. Tonight, Hippie Boy and his wife, Hippie Girl, came over, with their 2 kiddos. We just grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. I forgot to pickup deli potato salad, so I made some from scratch. And, I made a homemade apple crisp for dessert.
Annnnnnnnnd...we babysat for an out-of-state couple who are interviewing for a pastoral position. They had a church thing to go to, so we offered to watch their 2 girls for them.

Culture Boy and Soccer Mom

Will they stay or will they go???

With 6 children, all under the age of 5, it was a full house. But we loved every minute of it!!
Two 5 yr olds, Three 2 yr olds, One baby (pictured above).

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Threeundertwo said...

Wow, that's a lot of little people! Congratulations on your first dinner party!