Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Gotta Come Clean

Yes, I've told you Mini Me fell asleep in her stroller, on Saturday, while we were at the Mac store with Grandpa FlyGuy, and Grandma DonnaMomma. However, I neglected to mention I napped as well. The Mac store has this section that looks like a mini theatre (I'm Canadian - I spell theatre with an 're'. Deal with it). Theatre seating, big screen, dark - only missing cup holders...And popcorn.

There was a lady giving a demo on photo editing. Interesting, but at the moment, I didn't care to learn how to cut the head off someone's body and attach it to another person's. I sat up front with sleeping Paris, put my chin on my hand, and purposed to nap. I was successful. 

My iron has been really low lately. I'm anemic again. It was long day and I was tired. I was envying Mini Me so much. Oh to be 2 and in a stroller so you don't have to walk around everywhere. I gotta confess. I napped too. 

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