Thursday, June 26, 2008

Family Fun Night - Mini Theme

For this week's installment of Family Fun Night - which can also be called theme night, our theme is: Mini Night. 

mini meal
mini burgers from White Castle, mini Doritos chips, mini beverages all served on mini plates with mini napkins at a mini table and chairs, wearing mini clothes...
these were the smallest clothes i could find
i purge closets too often!
mommy wore mini clothes but the bare midriff was not so mini!

we really enjoyed the burgers...appetite not so mini

mini cakes & mini chocolate bars for dessert
i made a white cake and i made white icing but put the cake batter in cupcake cups. i would have iced it like a real cake, but i messed up on the butter (surprise) and they were crumbly mini cakes.

mini-dessert at the mini table
daddy having a mini sleep
proof that if you snooze, you lose - mini me reaching for daddy's dessert!

mini trash bag to clean our mini mess
mini vacuum to clean our mini mess

mini-van (not ours)

played at the mini playground

playground is so mini, 5 yr old has to bend his knees to avoid touching the ground

daddy cut his hair mini style tonight...


Melissa said...

It sounds like you all had a really fun evening..I can't wait to have family not with Graci and Mike when she gets older..It is a really good idea!!

Keisha said...

i like jason's not cut.

Widney Woman said...

Missy, why not start now. Hee hee. Can you imagine dressing her up in different theme outfits? Hee hee. My wacky juices are flowing at the possibilities!!

Shan said...

Love this idea. I usually over think my themes. Thanks for the reminder that simple is better.