Monday, May 19, 2008

The Week in Advance

I am really excited about this week. I looked for a doctor last week, and was thrilled to have found one so close - I could walk if I wanted to. And, it is a family practice with lots of doctors, so there could be someone to see the kiddos as well. That is the Monday plan.

Wednesday morning, I have a Mom's Group meeting through our church. It will be nice to meet other ladies from our church, and have real live kids for my children to play with for a few hours.

On Thursday, I have a Stay At Home Mom's Group activity, where the kids will get to play with other children their age, while I have adult conversation with random Chicago moms.

Friday Family day has been a new weekly tradition. But, J might be switching his day off, so we are not having Family Friday this week. We'll see. It might be Monday Madness or something. If you can think of a cool/funky/new/good term for our Monday's please Comment. I need a term.

2:00 pm Monday - UPDATE

I showed up on-time, for my 9:00 am appointment. I have this funky rashy looking thing on my face, nothing serious. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to check out the facility and the doctor, to see if this is a fit for our family.

Very nice, new facility. The check-in line took 15-minutes - and I was 2nd in line. I can't imagine standing in the check-in line, with sick children hanging off my arm. The staff were nice, though. I met the doctor. There is absolutely no way I want that man touching me. None. Never. He referred me to a dermatologist. Didn't even try to suggest what it could be. I asked for Nasonex (nasal allergy meds) samples. The practice does not have samples of any meds. Who doesn't have samples? Is that a Chicago thing? If you know, please comment. I need to know. The sample thing alone is enough to scratch the whole practice off my list.

Well, I'm disappointed. I was really hoping this place worked out. There are other doctors in the practice, but all I saw were women. And the roster had mainly women doctors on it. I'm sure women make wonderful doctors, but I prefer male doctors. Maybe I'll get a good recommendation at my mom's group on Wednesday or Thursday.


Threeundertwo said...

Is that picture REAL? Oh my. The tie just puts the finishing touch on the whole scene.

And I've never heard of a Doctor's office without samples.

Widney Woman said...

LOL!! That is not the actual doctor. I found this guy on the internet. The guy I went to made this guy look skinny. This guy looks like a nice man. My doctor guy looked creeeeepy.

The practice has a pharmacy, so I think they don't do samples to...entice... people to purchase from their pharmacy.