Saturday, May 3, 2008

T-Town to Chi-Town - Day 9

We got up before God did this morning, so I could get to the airport to fly back in to Tulsa. I thought I was going to die. For real. I have done my share of flying, and let me tell ya, I have never been rocked to and fro so close to the ground before. Seriously, I thought it might be a crash landing. Once we did get on the ground, we were physically hurtled in our seats. I had to hold on tight to the arm rests. But, it worked out, obviously 'cause I am writing this.

It was great to see my kiddos again, after about 9 days. I have never been away from them this long, since they were born. Motor Mouth and Grandpa FlyGuy met me at the airport. Motor Mouth was off school today, because he wasn't feeling well. I had to pace myself with Motor Mouth. All I wanted to do was kiss him and hug him. Mini Me gave me a great big hug when I saw her. I held her often this evening.

We had squatters living in our home while we were gone. I don't know when they came in, or how, but I know how they are getting out!! I got mouse traps and peanut butter, then I tried to figure it out from the directions and from J's suggestions. But I couldn't. So, I went in search of a male neighbor. Gary came over and set the traps for me. When we got home tonight, BOTH traps were successful.

I was talking to Misty on the phone, and she told me that if they were small mice, there are probably more. This freaked me out to no end. We never had mice growing up, so this is totally new to me.

I called My Hero. He came over and bagged the mice for me and set more traps. I will be able to sleep tonight, because of him. Thank you, My Hero!

Tuesday April 8, 2008 - 10:36pm

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