Saturday, May 3, 2008

T-Town to Chi-Town - Day 8

Yesterday marked 1 full week that we have been in Chicago. The weather was ah-mazing!!

One of the big draws of Chicago is that so many people we know travel here, frequently. Already we are connecting with our homeys (not sure the spelling, trying to fit in with the huge hispanic population in Chi-town) from our former hoods. Last night, J's Uncle K called to say he is in Chicago and do we want to hook up for lunch/dinner. Uncle K is the traveling minister uncle that introduced J and me.

This morning, J and I met with the principal of Motor Mouth's new school. The vice principal gave us a tour of the K5 classes and a grade 1 class. We like the staff and the school. The school is a 2 minute walk from our loft. We can see it from our kitchen windows. It is literally, in our back yard. Well, if we had a back yard, it would be in it. And, they have a great playground we can take the kids to on evenings.

I have a Chicago Public Library card now!! There is a library just down the street from J's office and I messed up my internet access there, in less than 90 minutes of being in the place. Ha! So much for being a former computer consultant!!

This evening, we are having dinner at 'home' with Chicka (our hostess with the mostess), George (see blog from yesterday, entitled: George), Nordic Princess (lady from church), and Tall Joe & Songbird (J's boss and his wife). We are really looking forward to it.

Tomorrow morning, I leave bright and early for T-Town! The list of things I have to do before flying back up here on April 18th with the kids is getting longer and longer as the days go by. I think I am going to miss being in Chi-Town for the 9-10 days. But ohhhh, it will be so nice to not have to think about where to park. And, seeing as I will be driving the Jag, it will be nice not to have to parallel park that long car. We need a Prius with the back up screen. Our Pensacola trip, when we rented a Prius, spoiled us on that car. It's the only car that makes sense for us in the city.

Oh, this is long. Sorry. Ciao!

Monday April 7, 2008 - 03:44pm

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