Saturday, May 3, 2008

T-Town to Chi-Town - Day 7

Another picture from our loft. This is of the skyline. That big, black building is the Sears Tower!!

Today was J’s first Sunday working at Park! J did a video open and announcement video. I was so proud of him!! As the Media Arts Director, J is responsible for the sound, lighting, video, stage set design. I think.

It was only my second day at Park, but I felt like I’ve been here for a lot longer. I sat amongst Songbird and Chicka and their friends – most of whom I had already met. I sat beside one of the ladies who were at the neighborhood breakfast meeting yesterday, and another one of those ladies came up and said ‘hello’. After service, I met the wife of one of the pastors, and two other pastor’s wives (whom I met on our initial visit) came over to talk with me. I think I’m going to like it here, at Park.

It was another beautiful day today. We were in desperate need of wi-fi access. The wireless here, at Chicka’s, was not working - but now, you can tell it is working 'cause I am hooked up!! Anyway, about our day. We were told Panera Bread has free wi-fi, so we drove, with our windows down, to Clark and Halsted.

Only, it is SUCH a beautiful day, there were tons of people out walking, and no parking!! After driving around for a spot for 15 minutes, we got an ice cream cone and then drove home. We wanted to go for a walk, but realized it was almost time for J to get back to work for evening service. So, instead, we looked at pictures of our new loft and made some decisions on where furniture and things like that will be placed.

Today is April 6th. We get the key in 9 more days and move in on the 19th. We are so excited!!!!!

Sunday April 6, 2008 - 04:00pm

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