Monday, May 5, 2008

Service Men - Day 7

I'm starting to get emotional about the lack of home phone service. I'm home with 2 kids all day long and there is no one to talk to. My minutes are almost maxed on my cell phone. I don't want another $200+ cell phone bill. The home phone is supposed to enable me to talk to my sister and my mom and my Tulsa peeps without incurring long distance. Only it is not working!!!

This morning, J called Comcast again. He spoke to the supervisor guy again. The guy said he would comp us for this week. J told him he would have rather had the phone service and not have to be compensated. And that this has been our worst experience since moving to Chicago and our biggest regret. J told the guy that we had Cox cable in Tulsa and it was great. Which is why we went with Comcast cable. But, at this point, he wished he had gone with satellite service. And that he hasn't even had a chance to call Comcast about the inaccurate charges on our bill.

The supervisor guy said he would be out here by 11:45 am. It is now Noon. No phone call. No supervisor guy. I am going stir crazy. I have all this stuff I need to do, but I can't go anywhere, because I have to waste my time waiting around for a service guy EVERY DAY.

Above is a picture of my bathroom. What a mess!! I want to put everything away, but I can't. I need to get some more storage solutions. But I can't leave my house, because I have to wait for the Comcast guy. So my bathroom floor is a pigsty and I wait.

I know there are people sitting through chemo treatments right now. And that there is a war in the Middle East where people are dying. I know this is not a major deal in the grand scheme of things and that a year from now, or 6 months, or even 3 months from now, I will wonder why I was so emotional about this. But right now, I feel like I am trapped in my home and can't complete the tasks I need to.

He is downstairs.

Tuesday April 29, 2008 - 12:06pm

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