Friday, May 16, 2008

Ready to Return

To say I was ready to return home, to my own bed, was an understatement. When Motor Mouth sleeps with us, he tends to be a bed hog. Mini Me is worse!! My parents downsized from a 7-bedroom house, to a 5-bedroom, with only 2 rooms setup as bedrooms. So, I slept with BOTH kids. As you can see, they only gave me 6 inches to sleep on.
Motor Mouth said we should have FLOWN to Canada. He said this on the way there, and on the way back. I rather enjoyed having my own wheels, instead of borrowing a Camry from my parents, or a BMW from my brother. Or renting a minivan, like we did last year.
This was my view for 8 hours on Thursday.Technically, it only took about 6.5 hours. However, we stopped 4 times for potty breaks and the like.

Do you see how high up we were? Everything was going well on the bridge into the USA, until we hit immigration and customs traffic. I had to sit on the bridge for 30 minutes. I HATE heights. It's a developed fear. I developed it after 3 major bridge collapses in the last 3 years. I can't swim. The bridge shook. It was worse when the transport trucks zipped by. It didn't help that Motor Mouth kept pointing to things and saying, "Look Mommy! Look at the light house!" "Look at the school bus!" "Look how tiny the people look, Mommy!" Deep, slow breaths. That is what I did to stay in line.

The line before us, on the bridge. There were 3 men in the SAAB convertible in front of me. I created lives for them, to keep my mind off the height thing.

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