Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My New People

These are the new people in our lives.
Jackson Crum, Sr Pastor. He rocks! Our PASTOR came and helped us move into our loft. He wasn't directing traffic or putting in face time. He lifted boxes and furniture.

Jonathan, Executive Pastor. Jonathan also helped us move in. On moving day, his lovely wife, Robin, sent a great pasta dish for us.Scott Clifton, Associate Pastor. Scott and his oldest son helped us move. Scott's wife is the guru who gave me vital school information to navigate Chicago Public Schools.

Bill, Family Pastor. Bill and his wife came to help us move. They brought homemade muffins and chocolate dipped strawberries. Yum!!Joe, Associate Pastor. Joe is THE Man in the Know. If Joe don't know, nobody knows. J stayed at Joe's house while I wrapped up in Tulsa.
John, Director of Operations. John and his wife cared for Motor Mouth and Mini Me the ENTIRE day we moved.

Joseph Tenney, Worship Pastor. J's boss. Joseph and his wife, Kimberly, helped us move in. They are who we call when we are lost, need an emergency room, etc.

Jim, Worship Director. Jim is the very first Park person we met. He picked us up from the airport on our interview weekend. Jim and his wife are expecting their first baby!

Becky, Worship Ministry Assistant. Becky is the assistant for J's department. She just got married!!!Tim, Director of Communications. J's brother from another mother.
Mabrie, Family Ministry Assistant. Mabrie is a true Texan. She picked the 3 M's up from the airport - on her day off!!
Christine, Associate Director of Children's Ministries. The kids love Christine, and not just because she gives them balloons!!

Whitney, Communications Assistant/Receptionist. Everyone needs a Whitney.


Michelle said...

What a perfect fit for J and the entire Widney family! As I scrolled through reading about each one it made me smile to see how God put you all with that team of people! Of COURSE we miss you here, but ya know?!?! The season of your lives changed and you are now in the perfect place for this perfect time in your lives! But I still miss you like CRRAAZZYY sista!!!


Tim said...

Ha! Jason is TOTALLY my brother from another mother! SO GLAD you guys are here! We have to hang out soon!

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project. said...

What beautiful photos. Do you take all the pictures, Simone? Really nice! Glad to hear you have so many people looking out for you/helping you already. Sounds like a great community.

Widney Woman said...

I WISH I could take pictures like these. These photos were STOLEN from a facebook site that Devin, the photographer setup. Devin did an amazing job at capturing everyone's essence.