Thursday, May 8, 2008

Motor Mouths's Bedroom

When I was getting our Tulsa house ready to be staged for sale, I tossed a lot of toys that were broken, or missing pieces, and donated toys not being played with. Then the kids had a birthday party. More toys.

In the loft, it has been a nightmare, trying to keep the toy bins clean and organized. Motor Mouth's room has been kid central, where the kids play.

Motor Mouth and I cleaned his room. I was so impresssed with Motor Mouth for his ability to throw away toys that were broken. We filled a whole trash bag!!

J isn't done decorating Motor Mouth's room. Actually, he hasn't started decorating. But when he is done, I'm sure it will be really cool! Here is a glimpse at Motor Mouth's room. Can you find Motor Mouth in the picture with the bed?

<--- The clean and sorted toy bins!!

Motor Mouth is not in timeout. He was tired from cleaning his room!

<--- Motor Mouth's ceiling...way, way up there! The top of the closet is 8 ft...

View from Motor Mouth's window, on an overcast morning. Yup, that's the Sears Tower! Every night, we say: "Good night, Sears Tower!"

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whittakerwoman said...

Oh, i would do anything to have a brick wall in my house! Love it. H