Monday, May 12, 2008

Interesting and Unexpected

I went to my family's home church yesterday. This is the church we grew up in. Where I babysat the children of three different pastors. Where my mom got involved in church ministry and taught me serving others was a good thing. It's one of the first places I received good, strong Bible teaching.

It was a special treat being at Bethel, yesterday, because our former Pastor, Pastor Shepherd was there. He has been the District Superintendent for the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, for years and years. An announcement was made that Pastor Wells, one of our former associate pastors, is going to replace Pastor Shepherd as Superintendent.

I remember babysitting Pastor Wells' children. His daughter asked me where babies come from. I told her that was a very good question. I wasn't sure and she should ask her Mommy in the morning. I knew, but I was not about to answer that question for our pastor's 4-yr old daughter!

After church, I had a full circle kind of moment. Pastor Shepherd came over to greet us. I hadn't seen him in over 10 years. I gave him a hug. He greeted my Mom and my friend, and his Mom. This is where it gets interesting.

There I was, holding my daughter, and holding my son's hand, while standing next to RD, the man I was supposed to have married 18 years ago. It was fun watching Pastor Shepherd talking to RD and his Mom, so friendly. He has no idea Ray is the guy he counseled me NOT to marry in his office, just a few feet down the hall from where we were standing. They had not met at the time.

Yesterday evening, while on the phone with RD, we laughed about the irony of that moment. We are both married to other people. All these years later, we managed to remain friends. And to think if we had married, I honestly believe we would have a couple of teenagers, and be divorced. We'd be cordial, but not friends.

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