Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dad's Garden

My Dad LOVES his garden. In the house we grew up in, he had 4 vegetable gardens and several fruit trees in the back yard. When we were growing up, my Mom always had rose gardens and each spring, her tulips would grow back. Every time I see tulips, I think of my Mom.

One year, for Christmas (pre-9/11), J and I brought this rock to Canada, in our carry-on luggage. I had scoured Tulsa, trying to find someone who would carve it for us. Only one place in town could do it. Dad liked it so much, he kept the rock in his living room, for 7 years!

My parents just moved. I was so surprised when I walked up to my parent's door and found this, out front!! Tulips and the rock. Someone who lived in the house before, planted the tulips. It seems my kiddos helped my parents in their efforts to redesign the front flower bed!

Motor Mouth & Mini Me, helping in the re-landscaping project.

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