Saturday, May 3, 2008

T-Town to Chi-Town - Day 2

It was perfect. J brought his lunch to work today. On the first Tuesday of each month, the staff at Park has a birthday lunch, where everyone brings their lunch and they eat together, like a big family. The church does the dessert. I did the suburban housewife thing and snuck an "I love you" note in his lunch bag.

Today went better on the condo hunt. I saw 2 places I really liked. I couldn't make a decision, so I had J come back this evening to look at them with me. The first one is so big and right down the street from a school. The second is smaller, but it has 2.5 baths, and is a recent renovation and in a funky brick building. Both have granite and stainless appliances, and a private garage.

Afterwards, we drove around and around and around and around and around and argued about driving around. But we couldn't find that Middle Eastern restaurant for dinner. We parked and found another new Middle Eastern restaurant for dinner, instead. And, watched American Idol on their TV. And had dessert. And went home.

Day 3 is a whole new day. The staff at the church is taking J and me to lunch! It's a get-to-know-the-newbies-lunch. After that, I will load up our stuff and trek over to the new place we are going to be staying at. This place is great! Nicole has a huge condo in Lincoln Park. Her son is delightful and his nanny is so sweet.

We miss our kids.

Tuesday April 1, 2008 - 09:26pm

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