Saturday, May 3, 2008

T-Town to Chi-Town - Day 1

Yesterday, J and I drove up to Chicago in the Jeep. It was a pretty good trip. Not much sleep, getting us and the kids ready and over to J's parents. J drove most of the way. In the early afternoon, I rocked with Daughtry for a couple of hours. I'm ready for him to put out a new album...

Today, I went with Steve, the real estate agent, to look at 4 places we had narrowed down on the internet, from the 16 he had sent us. We really had our hearts set on our #1 choice. It's a brand new condo - 3 of them. But they were all taken last week!! The other 3 places desirable. They were hideous. No one should have to live in such conditions.

I was pretty bummed after a disappointing day of house hunting. All I wanted was ice cream for dinner. We drove around Chicago, getting to know it better. J scored this great little ice cream shop that had healthy ice cream!! And then, while walking off the ice cream, we found this great Middle Eastern restaurant. It was yummy!! So yummy, J got an extra meal for lunch tomorrow!

Monday March 31, 2008 - 09:26pm

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