Saturday, May 3, 2008

Chicago - The Church

J and I just returned from a weekend in Chicago. A potential employer for J flew us up there on Friday. We were scheduled to stay until Sunday evening. But we stayed longer so we could experience more and meet with more people. We left Tuesday.

Going in to the weekend, I was excited. The senior pastor has a real vision for the church. It is not a vague, non-vision, but rather, a true vision the people and the staff can put their hands around and become a part of executing.

Meeting the staff, their wives, people in the church was great. Everyone is so real. They are authentic and transparent. One of the primary goals of the church is to reach the people in the city of Chicago. These people are clearly dedicated to achieving that goal.

I am so glad we stayed the extra time so we could sit with the lead pastor and the administrative pastor and their wives. Jaxn has a vision for the church. He is a great teacher. He has a heart for people, which is obvious in the way he speaks, the way he relates to the people in his church - in church and in public, and his gentleness when he touches your shoulder.

To say we love the church - which is the people and the vision - is to be at a loss for words.

Tuesday March 18, 2008 - 07:13pm

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