Thursday, July 24, 2014

13 Days to 15 Years

Separate Vacations!

On our third wedding anniversary we had just closed on our house. J and I were working at the same church. Our offices were just 15 ft from each other. We drove to and from work together, had lunch together, dinner together, socialized together - you get the idea. We were together a LOT! 

So….to surprise J, I arranged for him to travel to Missouri, where he went to Bible College and where a whole community of people that he loved were still living there. It gave me a chance to tackle some decorating tasks on our new home! We were both very happy and excited. But the people in Missouri thought that J and I were having marriage problems. LoL! Sigh. Nope. Just one of the most thoughtful gifts I could give him – friends and a less for him to decorate when he got back home.

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