Saturday, March 8, 2014

Nature & Nurture

MM's birth mom, KK, and I are great friends. We recently had a conversation about our son. KK remarked about how proud she is of MM and how glad she is that she chose us to parent MM. KK went on to say that there is no way MM would be as accomplished as he is had she raised him. She simply did not have the resources.

This kid is amazing. He can play a mean guitar, sing like a boss, and draw like a pro. Once again, Motor Mouth is on the honor roll at school. AND he is ranked in the top 15 in the state going into the State Meet.

J and I have no biological claim to Motor Mouth's talents and giftings. He was born with it. What we did was give MM the room for his talents to flourish. That's what adoption does. It gives kids opportunities to experience lives they never would have known possible.

We are not amazing people for adopting. We are just an infertile couple that wanted children. And this is just nature and nurture combining to create a really amazing kid that we get to call our son.

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