Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Best Surprise Day Ever!!!

I was sitting in my office yesterday morning when my friend's husband showed up at my desk with gifts for me!

Wait - That doesn't sound respectable. Especially considering one of the gifts was a bottle of red wine. So scandalous sounding!!!

I babysat Eye Girl & Dred Boy's son, W, for about 8 hrs one Saturday recently so they were thanking me. Dred Boy just happens to have a more flexible job. (It's such a cool job that his car gets to wear a pink mustache and drive people all around the city!)

To be honest, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE W. He is so delightful. I could sit and stare at him for 8 hours straight. But that would make me creepy. I am equally enchanted by their older daughter but she wasn't with us the other day.

Before Dred Boy left he got to see Mini Me for a second. Her class was in a big gathering place right outside my office. She ran over to Dred Boy and he hoisted her up and they have each other big hugs. It's was so sweet.

I was in my office about an hour later when E and his mom, Dr. C, surprised me! E handed me his application for pre-kindergarten! His mom bribed this admissions director with some yummy milk chocolate with nuts. Divine!!!

E was so incredibly delightful!!! Did you know that the sun is a star, not a planet? E does! He named off a bunch of planets for me. E has had a lot if health problems in his little life. It was great to see him looking so healthy and yapping away! No need to bribe me when your kid is that charming. LoL!

I have the best friends in the world. They didn't plan to surprise me in the same day but they did. It made my morning and made me feel really special and loved.

(Not shown: Homemade Zucchini bread with chocolate chips - scrumptious!)

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