Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August Road Trip

We had to exchange a couple pairs of back-to-school shoes J found at the Converse outlet in Wisconsin. So, we hopped in out automobile after school on Monday and off we went!

We drove a bit further into Wisconsin until we found this delightful beach with a children's playground. The sand was super soft and warm. Perfect evening for the beach.

Even drove through a GORGEOUS liberal arts Lutheran college campus. This is where we would like for Motor mouth to go to college. We aren't Lutheran right now but we could be. I wonder if they offer swim scholarships....?

We found a local restaurant and enjoyed a most delicious meal. All four of us were so happy with our selections that we high-fived!

After a bit more sightseeing we made the trek home while I checked Motor Mouth's math homework and he fulfilled his reading requirement. It was just a five hour trip but it felt like a vacation. J and I talked about how much we loved the area and how we would like to either have a vacation home there or live there in our old age. Or while Motor Mouth attends that college as there is a residency discount on tuition if you live in the tri-county area. That college is really stuck in my head!

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