Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sneak Peek!

Our master bath is almost ready to be inhabited! I can hardly wait!!! Yet I am paralyzed by the amount of work to make the area inhabitable. Work that was not going to be an issue before I broke my finger. Or before Memorial Day when it was all supposed to be done and we had a three day weekend.

There is so much construction dust that I think we need a shop vac and two weeks to get it cleaned. We don't have two weeks! House guests arrive in 12 days!!!

After the dust clears - literally - we need to move four rooms of furniture, boxes and clothes. It will be so nice once it is done though. The kids will finally have their playroom set up and their toys and books back! Our laundry room and garage will be free boxes and furniture. Finally.

Sneak Peek!
You'll have to wait to see the shower, second vanity and master closet. J designed the tile placement. It's a really cool 12x24 tile mixed with a few pieces of 12x12 tile.

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