Saturday, May 25, 2013

Swim First

This is Motor Mouth after his very first swim meet on the new team. He looks pretty happy and proud of himself. And he should. Motor Mouth qualified for 6/6 regional times.

MM is at a level of swim competition that requires year round practice 5-6 days/week. He was signed up with a Chicago Park District team but in the summer, training is outside at the lake all day. MM has a sun allergy so he can't be a part of that.

In early spring, Motor Mouth tried out for a private swim club that is part of the USAA swimming. This means he can go to regional and state meets if his time qualify him for such.

Motor Mouth's first swim meet with the new team was last weekend. He was entered in six long course events and qualified for regional times in all six! We are so proud of our boy!!!

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