Thursday, May 30, 2013

ER Visit Tonight

At about 7:30 pm this evening I slammed my finger in the door. J rushed me to the ER where they determined my left middle finger was broken. The bottom part of my nail is gone. They had to create a new nail base so that I will have a nail in future. I will lose the rest of the nail as it is barely attached. Have to see a plastic surgeon in the next few days.

It is almost midnight. We picked up pain meds then got the kids from a friends' place. My finger continues to bleed and throb painfully.

I have an incredible husband. He was my hero tonight. J takes such good care of me and our little family.

The staff at Mercy Hospital's ER in Chicago were wonderful, kind, and funny. Mercy was the closest hospital and I am so glad we went there.

I feel blessed. And stoned. I'm on pain meds.

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