Monday, March 25, 2013

On the Cheap

J and I need to write a book on how to do life, especially in Chicago, on the cheap.

We are part of a babysitting co-op so when we go out on dates we do not have to pay $15/hr for a sitter! It's great for me because I go watch someone else's kids and get time to read, work, crochet by myself.

We used to buy all of our kids' clothes at Gap, etc. Now, J scours our local thrift stores - especially on half price day - and gets the most amazing outfits. ALL of their clothes right now are from thrift stores. You'd never know it!

There are often free days offered to Chicago residents by each museum. You might have to battle more people but its free!!! We also scour the city to get the museum passes we need at local libraries.

Cheap Meals
A local pizza place has $11 pizzas one day/week. We used to have Family Friday Night with pizza but changed it to Mondays because of the deal. Lots of restaurants have kids eat free nights. We have found several restaurants that can feed our family for around $20. Unheard of! Drink water kids.

Thank you Craigslist!!!! We re-decorated our condo using Craigslist. Sold our old furniture, giving us cash to buy new to us furniture. It's where we got a fish tank, moving boxes, and more at great low prices.

Beaches and Piers
We spend a lot of time at Chicago beaches and piers fishing. It's free!!! Well, our kids fish, we don't so it's free.

Get In and Drive!
We drive up north often. We might visit cemeteries or antique stores, hit up a beach or a playground and the kids are happy.

$6 Movies
We get to see first run movies for just $6 at a great theater around the corner from our home. A small popcorn and drink are $7 and refills are free!

Hello! I don't find the deals as amazing as they were two years ago but it's still a savings.

Millennium Park
We grab some sandwiches and a blanket and sit out on the lawn while listening to wonderful musicians and having a free family time. The kids often bring sketch books.

Magnificent Mile
We love walking up and down Michigan Ave. Always something interesting and a different experience each time.

Navy Pier
We go see the fireworks about once a month in the summer. We love walking the pier. It's magical.

Museum Park Campus
Our kids love to run and play along the lake. Sometimes we sit on the steps or take a long walk.

Grab a blanket and take a walk along the lake at night while holding hands and letting the waves lap over your feet. Then camp out on a blanket and watch the boats sailing in the distance.

There are do many gorgeous and creative parks in Chicago! We sit on a bench while the kids entertain us. Sometimes we join them if there aren't too many kids playing.

Chicago is a great, safe place for cyclists.

That's a few of the ways we enjoy our community without breaking the bank. Hope you have fun!!!!

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