Thursday, March 28, 2013


We are moving by April 30. We've known our condo was not going to cut it for much longer but we love, love, love our neighbors and the skyline view.

Moving is scary because downtown Chicago is not like anywhere else for housing. Well, maybe New York and Miami. And downtown LA. Most places in the city are a couple blocks away from a bad area. Some places it's a block away and others are the bad block. So not only do we have to look for a place to meet our needs for the next 3-5 years that is easily accessible to both of our places of employment and the kids' school but we have to check to make sure we aren't going to be in the middle of a sketchy area.

I went online and found a great place in an amazing area. Fell in love. They picked someone that can move in April 1. I'm crushed. Crushed. That area was PERFECT for our family.

I've been working 50-60/hr weeks, parenting solo lately, and I have had to add home search and packing to that. I fear I will have very loud, very ugly mental breakdowns every day until after we move. Someone else is going to have to pack the sharp knives.

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