Saturday, March 23, 2013

Minecraft Birthday Party

Our TEN year old son (green shirt on right) and his classmates LOVE Minecraft!!! I know next to nothing about the game so I Googled Minecraft birthday parties and found easy ideas.

Initially, this was supposed to be a birthday play date with only one friend. But I did something special for our daughter yesterday for her birthday (see my mehndi tattoo post) so adding the two brothers was only fair for Motor Mouth.

This party is the ideal BUDGET Minecraft birthday party. It was cheap and QUICK to execute! I've been working 60 hr weeks and did not have the time to give this party much thought. It was a play date so I did not do goodie bags.

How cheap...? Under $20!!!!! But I already had Sharpies, tape, cups, plates, etc. I would have bought green and black napkins, etc. but initially, this was a play date for two kids. And I would have decorated. Still. You could do this as a color-themed party for 4-8 kids for under $40....? Wow.

None of the boys wanted to leave, my son said it was his best birthday ever, we sent leftovers home with the boys and had enough for Mini Me, me, and J to get some AND we still have more for tomorrow. The boys were full when they left.

I did nothing to plan activities because I suspected that having the Minecraft game on our kids' iPods and computer would be enough to keep 4 ten-year old boys busy for 4.5 hours. And it did.

Bonus: Guests brought their Kindle and played together via network for last 30 minutes.

1 Red Twizzlers family pack
1 Black Twizzlers pack
1 sheet blank white paper
Black Sharpie
5 red Twizzlers, cut in half and bundled with printer paper cut in strips and taped. I wrote "TNT" on the strips first in black Sharpie. 1 black Twizzlers either cut in half or smaller pieces. Stick black licorice in center of bundle but make it stick out a but. I could have printed the "TNT" using a computer but my printer is running low on ink.
(Makes approx. 12 if you don't love Twizzlers and eat as you go...)

1 vanilla pudding mix (3 cups milk)
1 pack of regular Oreos
Green food coloring
Black Twizzlers licorice
Rolling pin
Clear glass or plastic cups
I crushed 2 rows of Oreos. Make pudding. Add a LOT of green food coloring to pudding. (Usually I make pudding from scratch but instant just takes 3 minutes to make.) Pour the crushed Oreos in the cups. Add green pudding on top. CHILL!!! Cut black licorice (you need tiny and longer pieces). When ready to serve, place Creeper shape over the pudding. Otherwise the licorice is hard to eat.
(Serves 8)

1 Brownie Mix (2 eggs, oil, water)
1 Tub of Icing
Green food coloring
Black licorice
Bake brownies. Allow to cool. Pour (yes, pour) green food coloring into icing tub. Stir well. Slather. Chill. Cut licorice for Creeper (need little and bigger pieces). Cut brownies in pieces. Plate. Make Creeper on top.
(Makes approx. 16 huge slices)

Sliced Bread
Innards of your choosing
Condiments to compliment innards
Make the sandwiches, cut off the crusts, slice in squares (cubes really). Arrange on plate. The boys inhaled these. Literally.

Note: I used sliced turkey with the choice of mustard and/or mayo because I forgot about this and that's what I had in my fridge. But if I didn't throw it together and if adults were coming I'd do a mix of dark rye bread with fillings like spinach and artichoke dip or cucumber or a variety of deli meats.

2 liter of Orange Pop (Crush/Fanta)
Clear cups
About 45 minutes before the first guests were to arrive, Motor Mouth told me I should have gotten orange pop for the lava in the game. So I ran and got it 5 minutes before the first guests were scheduled to arrive.

I swear I saw someone online had lemonade at their Minecraft party! But my son was confused as to why I was serving lemonade. So just skip it. Or drink it yourself because, like me, you love lemonade.

Empty box
Exacto Knife
Wrapping paper or construction paper
Green paper
Microwave Popcorn
Google Creeper images. Save an image. Use Word, Pages, etc. to place image in center of page. Print as many pages as you have party guests. Sealed box opening. Cut 1.5"x1.5" squares in bottom of box in a straight line. Space squares about 5-6" apart. Wrap with wrapping paper or Minecraft colored squares. Curve green paper with Creeper logo into a cone with one closed end. Tape seam. Place sealed end in box with 1" holes. Pop popcorn. Fill cones with popcorn.

You can look up my "Sonic Birthday Party" and "70's Peace Sign Birthday" to see what this looks like implemented.

All in all, a good day was had. I feel relaxed and chill. WoW!!!

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