Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Believe and Dream

This is Ethan Hallmark. He's 12 and he has been my inspiration for about eight months. Ethan has been battling cancer for pretty much most of his life. He is going for his third remission.

I admire Ethan's strength and faith. Last year was one of our toughest yet. Are the time things got really hard, I found Ethan. He reminds me to believe in a good, loving God and to never give up.

Ethan is on Caring Bridge. I look forward to reading the updates. Praying and believing for Ethan makes life not about me and my troubles. It is a reminder that no matter how bleak, we have to fight. We have to carry on.

Ethan really needs your prayers right now. A LOT! Pray that Ethan's bone marrow improves to the point he can receive the last round of chemo and that the scans after that round will show the cancer has shrunk in his arms.

I've never met Ethan but I love this kid. Ethan Hallmark is my hero.

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