Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A King in Our Midst

Last month, one of the other swim moms told me that one of our kids' swim coaches, who is studying to be a paramedic, was writing his papers and doing his school work on his iPhone because he did not have a computer. I talked to J about it. We decided to let him come over to use the kids' computer. 

Within a week, King had become a part of our family. He ate dinner at our home, slept over when he studied into the wee hours of the morning, was a regular fixture. King tried to teach the kids and me how to dance. That didn't go so well. But the three of us had fun dancing with King. 

One time, J and I scared King SO bad! J and I hid outside the bathroom and jumped out at King. We got him GOOD. There is a video on my YouTube if you want to see. It shows his reaction afterwards. And a second scare...Bahahahaha!

King is hysterically funny. J and I have gone to bed with sore stomach muscles from laughing so hard. J doesn't like playing games with me b/c I'm so strategic and competitive - J plays for fun. King is competitive as well. I enjoy beating the pants off my formative opponent. 

It's been fun helping King with his paramedic work. J and I were both used as testers for his IV skills. 

We all have friends but very rarely does someone come into your home and really becomes family.

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