Monday, October 17, 2011

O Questions

I am flipping through the November issue of "O Magazine" and came across these questions that Joel McHale ("The Soup" and "Community") answered. I should mention I actually find I can't always explain my taste in men. At any rate, here are my answers to some fun questions.

Best Bowl of Soup
Baked potato soup at Charlestons Restaurant in Tulsa. It is perfection in a bowl.

Best Vacation
Hmmm...Tough one. Vegas and Colorado rank right up there but the winner goes to....

Flying in a helicopter cross country to Pensacola (to visit family) then Disney World (where I saw Cirque du Soleil, all the Disney theme parks, and met Mickey!!!) and driving to Daytona Beach before going to a lighthouse and then on to Cape Canaveral where I saw space shuttles and stayed at a fabulous resort.

The helicopter ride enabled me to see so many sites: forest fires, hunting posts, homes on stilts near the Gulf, Disney from the air, sunken ships, dolphins and sharks, homes of all shapes and sizes, perfectly manicured yards and hoarder yards, the Mississippi River, and the beauty of the American countryside to name a few. The biggest take away from the helicopter ride came after seeing the carnage of Hurricane Katrina - having seen where these people lived and to think it was all gone.

Best Gift
This laptop. Or my iPhone. Can't decide. Both are liberating and life-changing.

Best Pick-Me-Up
My kids telling me they love me.

Best Advice
"Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country." John F. Kennedy. Changed the course of my life at age 11. I believe we should give more to our community than we take out of it. That means volunteering of yourself. Of your time. Giving money to others is nice but giving of yourself is more personal. It is more rewarding. I get to work in a field that I am solely qualified for because of my volunteer experiences.

Best Movie Genre

Best Way to Spend a Sunday
Beach with the kids, brunch, hang out on Michigan Ave or Millennium Park then home for a nap before J makes dinner, for our family to eat on the patio before having a tickle fight and doing the kids bedtime routine. Afterwards enjoying a glass of wine with my husband.

Best Excuse
"I almost died on the CT table" was the reason I gave for not going back to the office after my test in August.

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