Sunday, July 24, 2011

Screw Toyota, I Should've Bought a Chevy

I am so disappointed in Toyota. This is a major statement coming from me. I have been a loyal Toyota supporter and fan since I was 13 years old and my dad started working for Toyota. My dad's income from Toyota helped to clothe, feed, and house me through high school and college. My first, second, third and sixth cars were purchased from Toyota.

Less than two years ago, we purchased a new itty bitty city car - a Toyota Corolla. It had about 3 miles on it. Wednesday evening, our new car started making a horrific sound. We pulled over and the engine was smoking. I was scared. I thought our car was on fire. The car managed to limp home. The next morning, all of the radiator fluid had leaked out. A friend followed J to the shop to make sure he made it there safely.

Come to find out, the water pump was NOT recalled. It was REDESIGNED. Toyota KNEW this was a problem but said nothing. That pisses me off. I drive with my kids on the highway. I could have been stranded somewhere with my kids during the hottest summer since 2006. That's not cool, Toyota. If you knew about it, you should have said something about it. Especially when we took the car to the DEALERSHIP this month.

A huge reason for purchasing a new car was to avoid costly repairs in the first 3-5 years. We maintain our car by having the oil changed on time, rotating tires, getting the recommended service. This was just not cool on Toyota's part.

It made me wish we had bought a Chevy. 

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