Saturday, June 18, 2011


Our building is unique in that all but three units have patios attached by walkways outside. The parking garage is open to the main floor patios. Countless times when going to/from our car, we have heard one neighbor BLASTING loud music.

What has been most disturbing about the extreme loud music is that it is played late at night, next door to a family with a now preschooler and a newborn baby. We often marveled at the audacity of the insensitive single woman who would play such offensively loud music, irregardless of her neighbors.

Last night, in conversations with one of the HOA board members, we learned the truth about the music. Turns out, the "insensitive" woman is actually masking the sounds of her next door neighbor beating the crap out of his wife while the kid screams and cries.

I can attest to having seen Chicago Police at that unit and in our building on more than one occasion. I thought maybe he was a gang member or they were calling about the loud music. I will tell you that if the beatings are the impetus for the loud music, the husband beats her often. Extra sad because she just gave birth to a new baby and I know the music was blasting many times during her pregnancy.

There are many details we don't know for sure but it is a good reminder that appearances may not be accurate and you never really know what is going on with the people you pass.

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