Friday, April 1, 2011

BEST April Fool's Day Ever!

The day started with me wanting J and I to change our Facebook status to 'Separated'.

J had a better idea...

Imagine receiving the above photo with this email sent to my family and friends:

Greetings Family & Friends,

I hope this email finds you doing well. As you know, it has been my heart's desire to carry a baby to term. After months of fertility treatments, J and I are thrilled to announce that we are expecting! We are thrilled beyond belief. 

We had an ultrasound on March 22. See below. Not sure the sex of Baby Widney yet but the name will be Blue. Just have to work on 2 middle names now.

Motor Mouth and Mini Me are thrilled. Mini Me has many questions, of course. Motor Mouth is taking it in stride. We are all so very excited!!!!

I should mention that if you know the names of our 2 children, the name Blue would fit right in.

I am truly blessed to have amazing people who love me and my family as the following e-mails show....

From JF:

I was literally sitting in my car as I read this and I shrieked with excitement; I also startled my business partner! I'm so excited, I mean who wouldn't be to become an aunt! Also what is the significance of the name Blue?


From MW:

OMG!! I am SO excited for you. I didnt even know you all were trying. OMG, OMG, OMG this is too much excitement!!!

You better keep me posted every step of the way.

Love you girlie

From MM:

Wow --  I had no idea!  CONGRATS!!!

From VL:

WOW!!! what great news! it is spring after all... so new life!

CONGRATS & many blessing to you & your family.

From DA:

WOW!!!!  So happy for you guys!  How exciting is that! guys are just too cool for words!

From DV:
I notice you dropping hints starting months ago, so I'm not surprised. And I know first hand you can keep a secret. How are you feeling? If you're open to hand-me-down baby stuff (my guess is that you're not) let me know.

Wonderful news! May God bless the rest of the pregnancy. If you've got questions, I love 
to talk pregnancy and childbirth!

And this was my Facebook profile pic....

I laughed harder and more today than I have in a week! (J keeps me laughing pretty hard). Of course, I do feel bad because some incredible people got duped. But I'm hoping they still love me on Monday.

I have never pulled off this great of an April Fool's joke, ever!


Shan said...

Such a trickster. Great gag my friend!

Serenity said...

You turkey! I probably would have been sucked right in. Hope the dupees forgive you guys. At least it duped them in a positive way, "separated" would have broken their hearts! :)