Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Only I Could Screw Up Like This...

Monday evening, I went in to the office to do some design work from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm. I knew someone else was in the building when I got there because of the alarm status code. It is a large building that is used by space sharing organizations.

About an hour in, I heard the alarm warning sound indicating it was set. I ran to adjust the alarm so I would not set off the motion detectors. In doing so, I locked myself out.

No key to the building. No key to my car. No cell phone. No shoes. No coat.

It was snowing outside. And a rather desolate street after dark.

I saw a cop car driving by. Tried to flag him down. He stopped. Waited. I waved some more, jumping up and down. He drove off.

Then I saw the guy who set the alarm driving out of our parking lot. I waved. I jumped up and down and waved some more. He drove off. He stopped. I wave and hopped towards him. He reversed. I ran towards him. In my socks. On the snow. I have big boobs and no coat. Must have been a sight.

He agreed to let me back in. Nice man. I know his name but from now on, he will be 'Jesus' to me because Lord only knows what he saved my evening from being.

Did I mention J is out of town and I had a babysitter at home, expecting me back at 11:15 pm? Even if I had flagged the cop down, I don't know a single person in Chicago's cell phone number by heart. The only co-worker whose home I know how to find w/o aid is the Irishman's wife. She would not have appreciated riding in the backseat of a cop car. Oh, but the stories we could tell our co-workers in the morning...

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