Saturday, January 15, 2011


There is a new reality show that follows families in financial crisis and how they make changes to save money and get out of debt. Not sure the name or what network. I've never seen the show but on a preview the dad set a timer on the shower to turn off after 5 minutes.

5 minutes!!! 5 minutes for a shower???

It seemed impossible. So I took the challenge.
I set my iPhone timer for 5 minutes. 

For two weeks I tried to keep my shower to under 5 minutes. Not easy! I have found that I can do the basics in 6 minutes but not my hair. If I do my hair, I need at least 13 minutes. 

I believe 5 minutes is doable if you turn on the shower, get wet, turn it off, lather up, turn it on, rinse off. But there is all that time spent getting the water just right twice. Not sure it could really work. 

The challenge has been a good thing, actually. I use the time as a means of managing our morning. If I get in and out of the shower in a timely manner, our morning goes better and everyone gets where they are going on time with less stress and yelling, "Hurry up!!!"


Mary Anne Mohanraj said...

I typically take a five-minute (or less) shower if I'm not washing my hair. Washing my hair takes it to 15 total.

Kevin, on the other hand, is 15 minimum, and can easily go up to 30. Sigh.

Shan said...

You just reminded me that I use to have a timer clipped to the shower curtain so I could make sure my showers came in under 5 minutes. You do have to be all business to pull off the 5 minute shower, no question. It helps if you have uncomplicated hair :)