Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ornaments of Life

This tree makes me cry. Every time I went to our friends' home, I would sneak away to the sunroom and stand in front of this tree trying not to tear up and not to let anyone see me tear up.

It's hard to tell in this photo, but there are hundreds of ornaments on this tree. Many of the ornaments on tree are 30-50 years old.

Our friend Neon Signtist's mom, Merry, purchased most of these ornaments. I never got to meet Merry (stupid cancer). Among the many beautiful and unique items she left her son were these precious ornaments. It's their love and history that make me tear up.

If you live in Tulsa, you might know of the home these ornaments came from. For about 30 years, there was a Christmas light display home in mid-town that backed onto a lake. J and his family would drive past this home when J was a kid. Imagine J's full circle experience when he became best friends with Neon Signtist and his lovely wife, Starr and we both got to help put up those lights a few years!

We are creating Christmas ornament memories for our children. A few years ago, we began to give each child a special ornament. They used to have their own trees in their bedrooms setup but it's a lot of work...

Mini Me 2010
 Mini Me 2008
 Mini Me 2006 from her birth grandparents
on her birth father's side
 Mini Me made this at Mom's Day Out 2007
 Mini Me 2006
 Motor Mouth 2009
 Mini Me 2009
 Motor Mouth 2004
 Mini me 2006 from J's mom
 Mini Me 2006 from me and a copy from J's mom
 Motor Mouth Adoption Ornament 2003
 Motor Mouth 2006 from birth grandparents
on Mini Me's birth father's side
 Motor Mouth made this at school 2007
Motor Mouth 2010
 Mini Me from Mom's Day Out 2007
 Motor Mouth 2006
I found 6 of these!
 And we have 1 of these...

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