Thursday, December 2, 2010

Moo Moo is Back!

Our precious friend from Santa's Farm at the North Pole has returned.

I wasn't sure if Moo Moo was sick. I couldn't find a small enough phillips head screwdriver at home, so I hid Moo Moo in my purse on Tuesday morning. Moo Moo and I went to Home Depot where I borrowed a screwdriver to open his battery case. Turns out, I was smart when sending Moo Moo back to Santa because his batteries had been removed. I purchased a pack of AAA batteries and off we went.

When I picked up the kids from school, I told them we had received something wonderful in the mail. As soon as the kids saw Moo Moo, they ran to him and gave him hugs. Motor Mouth said he things Moo Moo got taller and lost weight. Then he proceeded to show Moo Moo all the new furniture.

J was not as pleased about our friend's return. He told the children Moo Moo had been very naughty last year and that he had better not be naughty like that this year or j would send him back to the Santa at the north Pole. Motor Mouth defended the little cow pretty extensively and Mini me told me that Moo Moo ha a birthday and now he is older so he won't be as naughty.

I am so happy to have our holiday houseguest back!

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