Friday, December 17, 2010

I am at peace

Today is the deadline for applying to Chicago Public Schools (CPS). I have received e-mails and verbal confirmation saying that due to recent changes in CPS policy, Motor Mouth would gain entry into Mini Me's magnet school next fall. That this time, he really will get in.

Mini Me attends a public Montessori school that is EXCELLENT. Montessori schools of this caliber typically run $15-20K/year. I am extremely pleased with her school. It is one of the best public schools in Chicago and it is one of the best public schools in the country. Plus, it is tuition FREE.

That said, I want both kids to attend Motor Mouth's private school. It's that good. Not free. In fact, the kids' combined tuition is more than many people's vehicles (per year). I'm not being an elitist who wants her kids at a private school at all cost. If both kids were in public school, I could be a full-time stay @home mom and we could live closer to their school and J's work in a great neighborhood. And I could write more blog posts.

We are making lifestyle choices to ensure our children are in a learning environment that we believe will strengthen their character, sense of self, and sense of community and provide them with a true Christian worldview where they learn about other faiths. When I look at the 8th grade graduates from Motor Mouth's school, I see the kind of character development I want to see in my children.

Motor Mouth's k-8 curriculum is outstanding but where I make the differentiation between the two schools is in middle school. I believe that the resources, experiences, materials and methods used at Motor Mouth's school will better prepare our children to excel at a high school and at a college level.

So now, on the deadline to apply to Mini Me's school for Motor Mouth to get in, I am at peace. I know we have chosen the best educational option for our children. I know that whatever happens, we will make sure our kids get to be educated at Motor Mouth's school through 8th grade. And, I don't feel like I have to apply to Mini Me's school 'just in case'. I am at peace.

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