Monday, December 13, 2010

Discontinued Dishes - A Gift to Myself

When we got married, my mother-in-law gave all 3 of us girls a full set of 10 place dinner settings in the color of our choice from Gerald Henn Workshops. J and I chose the cream colored dishes. We have a few Longaberger pieces mixed in and serving dishes as well.

These are my every day dishes even though they are not cheap. The quality is amazing and they are extremely durable. My white Ikea dishes are the cheap ones that I use on special occasions.

Henn Workshops went out of business! AND, our Longaberger creamware dishes have been discontinued! I just found this out recently.

I've been trying to come to terms with not being able to replace my dishes in the future. Deep breath in. I tell myself that I have a set of 10 now. If 2 break, that's okay. Breathe out. We can still have 8 people eat on the good dishes. Deep cleansing breath in. Really, there are only 4 of us so we only need 4. And breathe out.
For that last few weeks, I have been buying replacements like crazy! Off eBay. does not have our creamware dishes.

I got very excited when I found a set of 2 Henn dinner plates for only $16. Normally, I would have paid at least $25 each. Score!

Just snagged a set of 3 Henn bowls for $13.
That's almost stealing!

And I found a replacement Longaberger cereal bowl for $12.

I even got creative and picked up these herb pots to hold knives, forks and spoons at the end of the buffet bar. J doesn't care for them.

Do you have extras of your good dishes?
If not, check out, the manufactorer's site, and

Be sure to use your good dishes. Life is too unpredictable!

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