Saturday, November 6, 2010


Ever since we moved into our downtown loft, I've wanted a telescope. What's the point in living so close to others if you can't peer into their homes.

Recently, I decided to verbalize my desire. I began researching what to look for in a telescope, price ranges, etc. They said that for peeping tom activities, a binocular is best. To get a good set of binoculars, you should spend no less than $100. For telescopes, you should not believe the 10,000x zoom as it is not the Hubble that you are purchasing. Any telescope worth having should be no less than $3-400.
One day, I happened to be in a CVS Pharmacy where I spotted a telescope for $19.99. Perfect!! A telescope for that cheap sounds perfect for viewing close up. No way you can see stars for that price!!

Motor Mouth was with me. He was appalled. "Mom, are you buying that telescope to look into people's homes?" Naturally, he wasn't whispering. "Mom, it is INAPPROPRIATE. Do not buy a telescope."

Do you think he will lighten up when he gets older? Live a little? Take a few risks?

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Anonymous said...

Oh heck yeah! I'd totally be looking at other peoples homes just to see their to drive by my neighbors when their doors are open

Sheri mom2aii