Monday, November 15, 2010

Rundown - Nov 15

Alright, I know I've been posting mostly minor pics and not much text. Here is the Rundown of my life this past week.

The redecorating project is almost done. Here is a sneak peak:

Sunday was my first full day off in almost 2 straight weeks. I spent it cleaning Mini Me's bedroom to convert it back from a laundry staging area to a little girl's room. I'm exhausted and in pain. But she is sleeping in her own bed for the first time in, sadly, months.

I do marketing and recruiting for a small private school. Last year, our school had 105 students. This year, we have over 140 students. I've had 'Walkthrough Wednesdays' each Wednesday for the last 6 weeks where I give people tours and they see classes in session. Of the 12 families who toured, 6 applied. That's a pretty great return on time invested. (We have more applications for 2011. This is just from those who toured on a Walkthrough Wednesday.)

Motor Mouth and I spent Saturday afternoon volunteering at a thrift store that donates 1/6 of it's sales to our son's school for tuition assistance. The thrift store was started with the sole intent to help Christian schools financially. Last year, they donated $38,000 to our school.

When Motor Mouth and I got home, we found that J had painted a wall, put together a bookcase and decorated a reading corner. It used to be a desk area with a cherry bookcase and was not really working for us. 

I don't check our mail. Neither does J. This is what was in our itty bitty city mailbox...for the past month!! Our poor mailman.  Gotta feel sorry for the guy. We did the same thing in Tulsa. Once, I found a note saying our home was abandoned and the mail was at the post office!!

My brother got hacked. I received an email saying he was stranded in Madrid. Sure, they got his bday right, but 1. my brother would NEVER ask me for money and 2. my brother NEVER emails me. I did have fun when our mom emailed me to warn me that it was a hoax. And I had a lot of fun when I talked to my brother on the phone and nearly gave him a heart attack thinking I had actually sent in $2,000. Haha!!

My birthday is coming up!! I'm so excited. I'm turning 40 (again). All I can think about is how I want to go to the Museum of Science & Industry and stand in front of the baby chick hatchery for an hour then head to the south side for a traditional Trinidadian meal. My friend, MAM, has already begun to plan her 40th bday party in 8 months. She called me an amateur b/c I've only been planning my bday for 2 weeks. 

I have enjoyed being 40 and am not ready to give it up just yet. I really like being 40. Gonna stick here another few months and see how that goes. 

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